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His Mega Man & Bass CD data says he recently had a cutting-edge car stereo system installed, and his hobby is to drive around at high speed with the volume high. He also plans to install air bags someday. Turbo Man also has a very strong dislike for Punk , most likely because his tires could burst and flatten if he touches his blades and spikes. The English CD database says he dislikes Burst Man instead, possibly because the robot's soap-like substances can lead Turbo Man to skid around on slippery roads.

However, a passive acoustic homing torpedo, the Mine MK-12, despite its limited capabilities, had proved effective in the latter stages of the war. The key to antisubmarine weapons was now seen as the acoustic homing torpedo. Once launched in the vicinity of its target, it searched for noise from the submarine. When it located a target, it homed down that noise bearing under its own propulsion to deliver a contact hit. So, its lethal range was expanded to the noise detection range of its acoustic search equipment. These acoustic-homing torpedoes, like the similar anti-surface ship torpedoes used by the Germans, searched for the target by listening for its noise. Surface vessels make lots of noise; it is inherent in the physics of their design and operation. Submarines make noise when they are underway and that noise is proportional to their speed and depth. But there is another way to detect targets by sound, even if they do not generate noise themselves: Active acoustics. Active acoustic systems work just like radar and sonar. Send out a pulse, in this case a sound pulse, and look for its echo from the target.

The object of the game was simple, the player had to shoot coloured bubbles into groups of other pre-arranged bubbles. When groups of the same colour bubbles were formed, they would burst. The bubbles are fired from a pointer situated at the bottom of the screen. The player had to try and clear all the screen of Bubbles before moving onto the next round. There were thirty rounds in total.

Hedgehog - Noise Hit WorldHedgehog - Noise Hit WorldHedgehog - Noise Hit WorldHedgehog - Noise Hit World